Building Air Permeability Testing

Air permeability, air leakage and air tightness, all relate to the natural movement of air through the building fabric due to gaps, openings and porosity. Excessive air leakage results in higher energy use.

IAQ Consultants use UK Building regulations as their guide for improved building energy efficiency through standards in air permeability. Currently this type of standard is not mandatory in Singapore buildings code, but could be in the future.

Our testing procedure for new buildings or those undergoing renovation, or air conditioning upgrading and retro fitting works . We conduct a pressure test of the entire building to see how air tight it is and therefore can recommend where significant energy savings can be achieved.

Pre-Test Visual Check

We visually inspect the building before the formal test. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience and know what to look for.

Design Review Charette and Process Strategy

As part of the design charette or acting as project consultant, IAQ Consultants will advise the building design team in order to determine the appropriate ‘Design Air Permeability’ of  the building  as  part of the overall building CO2 Emissions calculation.

Lower rates of air permeability are encouraged as part of the holistic approach to energy savings.

Sample Test

This may take place sooner rather than later to highlight problem areas before all the buildings levels are complete. Before an air test is performed mechanical ventilation systems must be sealed.

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