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Our Services

IAQ assessment based on local guidelines, Singapore Standards SS554 Code of practice for indoor air quality for air-conditioned buildings
Collaboration with green mark consultants to provide support for Indoor Air Quality testing
Core services include testing, analysis and mold species identification
Measurement and consultancy services for any space affected by high levels of formaldehyde
Good indoor air quality in homes provides a comfortable and healthy environment for the occupants to live in
Good indoor air quality in offices and buildings provides a conducive and productive working environment for the occupants
Ensuring your water's safety and compliance with Singapore's standards through precise and reliable testing solutions
Top-tier IAQ equipment to monitor and maintain healthy, pollutant-free indoor environments
Comprehensive, easy-to-use tools for accurately assessing and improving the air quality within your premises

IAQ Labs Provides Fast, Accurate Testing Results

Why do we need Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

As the amount of time we spend indoors increases, the quality of the air we breathe is of paramount importance. High levels of indoor pollutants can cause allergic reactions to immunocompromised individuals as well as cause short or long-term health complications to others depending on exposure.

How Can IAQ Help You?

We work closely with our clients to assist them to investigate, measure, diagnose, report, and propose remediation and mitigation strategies if required.

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At IAQ, we help…

  • Determine the source
  • Define the cause
  • Deliver the solution

Singapore Standard SS554/2016

IAQ Consultants is an SAC-SINGLAS accredited firm

We provide IAQ testing based on local standards and customized monitoring to suit client’s requirements. IAQ Consultants is accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council – Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) to ISO/IEC 17025.

Our Clients

Resorts World Sentosa Singapore General Hospital Singtel Regent Hotel Singapore National Library Singapore Barclays Sony Hilton Hotel Microsoft Shell DBS Google

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