IAQ Consultants Singapore Accredited by SAC SINGLAS for Environmental Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Consultants Singapore Accredited by SAC SINGLAS for Environmental Indoor Air Quality

IAQ provides assessment and consultancy services in the fields of science and indoor environmental health through testing, inspection, remediation and the application of technology with the aim of achieving a better indoor environmental quality for your environment.

IAQ supports a full range of indoor air quality professionals including industrial hygienists, consultants, mold remediation and AHU contractors, medical professionals, as well as professionals from the real estate and legal industries.

At IAQ, our vast experience in indoor environments has earned us a reputation for delivering customized “Solutions for Healthier Environments.” We go for the source, not symptoms.

We offer a full range of indoor environmental testing services using Singapore National Environment Agency’s (NEA) good indoor air quality guidelines, World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Our key specialty is environmental diagnostics sampling and speciation of bacteria and fungus. The identification of types of microbes helps to identify the source of the pollutants’ amplification or reservoirs which will assist in making informed decisions that reduce risks and improve occupant health.

In-House Capabilities

  • Thorough Walkthrough Inspections that include Air Filtration Systems, Outdoor Air Intakes, Air Handling Units, Supply and Return Air Ducts and Occupied Spaces.
  • One of the only private labs in Singapore able to do speciation (most local laboratories have limited or no capabilities).
  • Complete Building Diagnostic Testing (over and above the ‘standard 11 parameters’). For example, building pressurization measurements, airflow visualization, and moisture intrusion testing, etc.
  • Provision of recommendations that are scientifically and engineering-based and specific to each unique situation like source removal and source modification.

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