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Indoor Air Quality or IAQ is of concern to all of us, since we spend a substantial amount of our time indoors, be it at the office, our homes or other commercial buildings and establishments.

Environmental consulting professionals can identify the causes of poor indoor air quality – even when the problem seems vague or unrelated to visible causes.

Environmental consultants are trained to gather and interpret data from various systems operating in a building in order to diagnose the dozens of integrated systems contributing to the overall health of the building.

IAQ is Singapore’s leading specialist in the field of Indoor Environmental Quality or IEQ. Our mission is to provide our clients with practical, cost-effective solutions to indoor air quality problems, and help them achieve sustainable and safer indoor working and living environments.

Why IAQ?

IAQ has vast experience in indoor environmental testing and providing customised solutions specific to the problems encountered. This has earned us a reputation for delivering Solutions for Healthier Environments because IAQ Consultants always attacks the root cause of a problem, not just its symptoms.

We are a multi-disciplinary, environmental testing and consultancy provider. Our experience and knowledge of environmental solutions are rigorously reinforced by the application of local and international standards.

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