Good Indoor Air Quality Improves Health and Productivity

Good Indoor Air Quality Improves Health and Productivity

While most of us know that outdoor air pollution is detrimental to our health, very few are aware that indoor air pollution can be equally damaging. Indoor Air Quality is of particular concern since most of us spend a substantial amount of our time indoors, be it at our office, home or other commercial buildings and establishments.

There have been reports of an illness commonly known as the “sick building syndrome’ that is associated with a variety of indoor environments. It is, however, difficult to diagnose IAQ complaints because of the number and variety of possible sources and causes and varying individual sensitivities when exposed to the same source.

What We Do

IAQ is Singapore’s leading specialist in the field of Indoor Environmental Quality testing or IEQ. Our mission is to provide our clients with practical, cost-effective solutions to Indoor Air Quality problems, and help them achieve sustainable and safer indoor working and living environments.

IAQ has vast experience in indoor environment testing and providing customized solutions specific to the problems encountered. This has earned us a reputation for delivering solutions for healthier indoor environments-because IAQ always attacks the root cause of a problem, not just its symptoms.

We are a multi-disciplinary, environmental testing and consultancy provider. Our experience in and knowledge of environmental solutions is rigorously reinforced by the application of local and international standards.

Ride on the IAQ Advantage

Our proven multi-disciplinary approach addresses all potential environmental and social-responsibility requirements, providing our clients with:

  • Proven combination of local know-how and international experience
  • Effective and cost-efficient solutions, which meet regulatory and corporate requirements
  • Single source service provider

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