IAQ Launch Dust Mite Allergen Detection Kit to Detect Clinically Significant Levels of Allergen

The Dust Mite Allergen Detection System will enable you to determine if high levels of house dust mite (HDM) allergens exist in your environment. The Dust Mite Allergen Detection System is designed to detect clinically significant levels of dust mite allergens.

Detect Clinically Significant Levels of Dust Mite Allergen

Dust mites produce one of the most significant allergens in your environment. The test allows you to quickly check for the level of dust mite allergens, where you suspect an infestation. In only ten minutes you get a semi-quantitative result from the dust mite detection kit which is the most user-friendly model available. It’s so easy to use – just rub the suspected area for 60 seconds, apply the test solution provided and read the result after ten minutes.

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