IAQ Launches MicroLogPro Data Logger Sensor

Two data loggers are available:

  •   Temperature plus external sensors
  •   RH and temperature plus external sensors

The new 10-bit MicroLog has all the benefits of the 8-bit MicroLog in addition to the following innovative new features.

  • Higher sampling resolution for more accurate readings
  • Increased memory – 52,000 samples
  • Enhanced 4 digit LCD display
  • MicroLogPRO 10-bit offers a temperature data logger and combined temperature humidity data logger PLUS external sensors.

This new product is fully featured, enabling its use in a wide range of applications in various fields – including pharmaceutical, food production and storage, transportation, museums, clean rooms and HVAC, to name a few.

MicroLogPRO Integrates:

  • Thermal portable printer – simply scan MicroLog’s infrared beam external sensor input.
  • Software – MicroLab automatically saves the data and produces daily status reports of your environment.
  • Transmitter – monitoring up to 200 loggers and transmitting data to the PC.

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