The Goal of Allergen Avoidance – Source Control

The Goal of Allergen Avoidance – Source Control

Source control is the key to reducing allergenic symptoms. You can’t completely eliminate exposure to microbial allergens all the time—it is an impossibility. The primary goal needs to be reducing reservoirs or amplification surfaces to a level that does not induce sensitization.

Removing Allergens

The more you understand about the causes of allergy and its treatments, the more effective you can be at removing the triggers and solving the allergy problems in your indoor environments.

Studies confirm that by reducing the source of allergenic pollutants in the work environment will improve the well-being and productivity of employees significantly.

At IAQ, our vast experience in the indoor environment has earned us a reputation for delivering customized “Solutions for Healthier Environments.” We go for the source, not symptoms.

IAQ is uniquely qualified to assess all aspects of indoor air quality. Our services include:

  • Environmental diagnostics sampling, speciation identification for indoor bioaerosols contaminants
  • Measurement of volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other gaseous contaminants.
  • Temperature and relative humidity control
  • Controlling objectionable odors and material off-gassing
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of building ventilation, pressurization and air filtration effectiveness.
  • (IAQ/ IEQ) Indoor Air Quality audit based on Singapore National Environmental Agency (NEA) and WHO Guidelines
  • Allergy source identification and solutions.

Our key specialty is in environmental diagnostics sampling and speciation of bacteria and fungus. The identification of types of microbes help identify the source of the pollutants, amplification or reservoirs which will assist customers in making informed decisions that reduce risks and improve occupant health.