IAQ Consultants Provide Autoclave Maintenance Service in Singapore

IAQ Consultants Provide Autoclave Maintenance Service in Singapore

An autoclave is a pressurized device designed to heat aqueous solutions above their boiling point at higher-than-normal pressures to achieve sterilization.

Autoclaves are widely used in microbiology, medicine, sterilizing instruments for body piercing, veterinary science, dentistry, podiatry, and metallurgy. The large carbon-fiber composite parts for the Boeing 787, such as wing and fuselage parts, are cured in large autoclaves. Autoclaves are also used in the rubber industry, particularly in the manufacture of very large pieces such as crude oil hoses used to connect to oil tankers offshore.

Importance of Maintaining Autoclaves

In order to ensure a high standard of performance throughout an autoclave’s life, it is important that the unit is maintained and tested regularly. The maintenance should ensure that all vulnerable parts are inspected, cleaned or replaced before they deteriorate to a point where the performance or safety of the autoclave can be compromised.

Our Client

IAQ conducts regular autoclave maintenance service for A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology, and Research).