IAQ Consultants Singapore Launches TriLink Data Logger

TriLink is the latest innovative and user-friendly offering from Fourier that leverages cutting edge wireless data logging for stand-alone or field monitoring. TriLink brings powerful monitoring to the palm of your hand and enables communication with all types of current and future PCs and Pocket PCs.

Application Examples:


The TriLink has been used for its accurate humidity and temperature monitoring capabilities.

Data is collected via Bluetooth technology simply by downloading onto the PocketPC, enabling constant and efficient environmental monitoring.

Heavy Industry Processing

High resolution data collection and analysis is key here for environments where wires can’t be used due to dynamic machinery activity.

Data can be automatically downloaded at a distance or even gathered online. What’s more, multiple monitoring of cradles is possible with all the data received online using one central PC.


  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Sampling of up to 4 sensors
  • High 12-bit sampling resolution
  • Fast sampling rate of up to 20,800 samples per second
  • 256K internal sample memory
  • Available graphic analysis software for PC and Pocket PC
  • Multi-point sampling for larger working environments

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